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Map of gay map prague. Gay map prague (Bohemia - Czechia) to print. Gay map prague (Bohemia - Czechia) to download. Progressive, liberal, tolerant, at least in relation to its eastern neighbors, Prague's gay scene is becoming one of the most popular destinations for gay tourists in the world. The Prague gay map helps you to orient. The people of the Czech Republic are tolerant of a gay traveler. The country proposes innovative laws on the issue of gay and lesbian rights.

Map of gay map prague

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Prague is very gay-friendly and is known as one of the most pro-LBGT cities in Central Europe. The gay part of Prague has a lot to offer visitors to the gay community: about 30 bars, discos and gay saunas shown on Prague's gay map. In 2006, the Czech Republic legalized same-sex couples, giving them most of the rights guaranteed by marriage.
The LGBT scene in Prague is linked to the Vinohrady district, a neighborhood where you will find most gay bars and clubs. The map of Prague places is available on this page. The Prague Gay Map will introduce you to Prague's most beautiful spots, hidden gardens, picturesque squares and typical bars and restaurants.