Prague metro map 2016

Map of prague metro map 2016. Prague metro map 2016 (Bohemia - Czechia) to print. Prague metro map 2016 (Bohemia - Czechia) to download. Metro tickets in Prague are valid for a given duration. Children up to 6 years old and people over 70 do not pay for the metro. Children from 7 to 15 years old and seniors from 65 to 69 years old benefit from a reduced rate. The 2016 Prague Metro map is available on this page. Operating hours: 4 to 5 am, until around midnight.

Map of prague metro map 2016

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The 2016 Prague metro map is composed of 3 main lines: the green line A, the yellow line B and the red line C. It is a means of public transport that is fast, clean, safe and punctual. the Prague metro map 2016. The Prague metro runs at regular intervals: from 2 to 5 minutes during peak hours and from 5 to 10 minutes outside rush hour and during weekends.