Prague must see map

Prague things to do map. Prague must see map (Bohemia - Czechia) to print. Prague must see map (Bohemia - Czechia) to download. The Old Town, the historic heart of Prague, is one of the most famous squares in Europe. Take a look at the colorful architecture of the buildings that surround it and give a unique and romantic atmosphere instead. The map of things to do in Prague will give you ideas for sightseeing. Enjoy your visit to this place steeped in history to enjoy a Prague specialty.

Prague things to do map

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To visit Prague is to discover a medieval town with fairy-tale castles and narrow streets that have miraculously survived the wars and pangs of time. The recent history of the city is also prestigious: it was in Prague that communism was overthrown and where lived the famous writer Franz Kafka. The map of things to do in Prague is available on this page and will help you organize your visits.