Prague red light district map

Prague nightlife map. Prague red light district map (Bohemia - Czechia) to print and download. Find all information for free about prague nightlife map in Bohemia - Czechia. The map of the "red light" Prague presents the hot spots of the city of Prague. The red light district of Prague is dotted with bars, cafes and sex shops. There are many places to have a beer between two shows and the discovery of the strangest museums in Prague. Often synonymous with sexual fantasies, the map of "red light" Prague will guide you easily in the neighborhood.

Prague nightlife map

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The map of Prague's "Red Light" district of massage parlors and sex shops. These institutions hide places where prostitutes officiate. Prostitutes are generally not challenged by the police. Wenceslas Square and the surrounding streets are a favorite haunt of prostitutes. A new trend has recently emerged in Prague: the sex trade is gradually moving away from the streets into private apartments.
The red light district of Prague is not only a big part of Prague's history and culture, but it is also one of Prague's biggest attractions. Prague brothels and massage parlors are developing in Prague. Before visiting a brothel in Prague or exploring the red light district of Prague, it is advisable to do some research in advance.