Praha metro map

Prague metro map english. Praha metro map (Bohemia - Czechia) to print. Praha metro map (Bohemia - Czechia) to download. The Prague Metro map is a transport system without a gate at the entrance. Prague metro passengers are forced to buy and validate a ticket before entering the metro zone. You can also buy tickets by SMS and consult the map of the Prague metro in English. There are ticket inspectors who have the right to check the validity of the ticket.

Prague metro map english

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Line C (Red) of the Praha metro map crosses Prague from north to south, from Letňany to Háje. The most important stops on line C of the Prague metro are: - Florenc: The most important bus station in the city. - Muzeum: At the foot of the National Museum. Correspondence with line A (green). - Vyšehrad: To get to the castle and gardens of Vyšehrad.
The Prague metro tickets are purchased individually. Ticket books do not exist for the Prague metro. You can buy these subway tickets in some tobacconists and subway stations in Prague. Use the map of the Prague Metro in English. It is also possible to buy a ticket by SMS. The Praha metro map is available on this page.