Prague bike map

Map of prague bike. Prague bike map (Bohemia - Czechia) to print. Prague bike map (Bohemia - Czechia) to download. The use of the bike to move or visit Prague is becoming more and more popular. Prague is not yet Amsterdam but it takes the way as shown in the map of Prague. Bike paths are on the increase (see the Prague cycling map), and bike shops are running full. Cycling groups of tourists roam the places of interest of the city.
First of all, bike sharing is booming in Prague. You especially have the pink bicycles of Rekola that you will see everywhere. You can rent them by the year, by the month, and by the hour. Before you hit the road, it's simple: you download an application that then asks you to type the 6-digit number on the geolocated bike. The Prague bike map shows where the stations are located.