Prague world map

Show prague on world map. Prague world map (Bohemia - Czechia) to print. Prague world map (Bohemia - Czechia) to download. Prague is renowned for the beauty of its ancient city. You will be able to locate the city thanks to the Prague World Map. Prague is located on both banks of the Vltava River: - on the left bank the aristocratic quarters dominated by the hill of Hradčany; - on the right bank Staré Město (the "Old City") and Nové Město ("New Town"), connected by the Wenceslas Square.

Show prague on world map

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The Czech Republic is a continental country whose capital, Prague, is a magical city. It is located in the heart of Central Europe as shown on the world map with Prague. Prague has many natural and cultural riches, as well as an exciting history. As the Prague world map shows, the countries bordering Prague are Germany, Poland, Slovakia and Austria.
Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic located in Central Europe limited to the North and East by Poland, to the Southeast by Slovakia, to the South and West by Austria and to the west by 'Germany. The world map of Prague is available on this page. Covering an area of 78,870 km², the Czech Republic is 2.4 times larger than Belgium.