Praha map

Prague czechoslovakia map. Praha map (Bohemia - Czechia) to print. Praha map (Bohemia - Czechia) to download. With the "Praha map" visit Prague is to go to a city of incredible cultural. Unknown until the velvet revolution, it is a destination to visit urgently. The architecture of Prague seems to come out of Disney's tales with its little cobbled streets that wind and make you want to get lost. The "Praha map" is discovered in love, with family or friends.

Prague czechoslovakia map

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The Old Town district of Prague is known for the central square encircled by the magnificent Gothic Church of Our Lady of Tyn, the Belfry and the Astronomical Clock. On the edge of the old city of Prague, as shown by the "praha map", the Josefov district where the Jewish ghetto was located during the Second World War is home to the Jewish cemetery in Prague.
Dominated by the fabulous postcard of the "Hradschin", the "Praha map" is crossed by the Vltava that cracks the spectacular Charles Bridge. The "Prague Czechoslovakia map" offers visitors narrow streets lined with polychrome houses, squares with palaces and mansions, Gothic or Baroque churches ... Prague also has a multitude of museums, theaters and galleries.
Prague is a city of incredible richness nicknamed "the city with a hundred steeples". The Praha map is also today one of the most touristic and beautiful cities in Europe. The beauty and variety of its cultural, historical, artistic and architectural heritage make it an exceptional and incomparable city.